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Blue Ocean is a dedicated team-based company offering boat rentals in Ibiza and Formentera, whose main goal is to offer our customers the very best personalised service. Many of the boats we rent in Ibiza are our own, meaning that not only can we offer you the best prices, but vessels that are perfectly maintained: we truly believe that what sets us apart is our attention to the smallest details. We have 12 cruisers of our own and 1 classic sailboat. The 12 cruisers are all available for rent in Ibiza, with or without a skipper. The classic 20-metre sailboat is only available for rent with a skipper.

Blue Ocean's strong presence in Ibiza and its extensive knowledge of the island enable to provide the best possible service. Our vessels are moored in the sporting port of Marina Botafoch, which is easily accessible and offers plenty of parking.

Our team is made up of our professional and highly experienced skippers, a cleaning crew that ensures all our boats are in the best possible shape, and ourselves, Andres and Esteban, founding partners and responsible for the running and administration of the company. We are the people you will talk to and who can offer you the best possible options when it comes to renting a cruiser or sailboat in Ibiza. Our boats are typically the best option depending on your needs, the number of people in your group, the type of trip you want to take or if you want to rent with or without a skipper.

For renting a boat without a skipper, at least one person must be suitably qualified and have sufficient experience. We know it can be difficult to gain such experience, but it is essential to the safety of both the crew and the boat to have at least a minimum level of knowledge of how to handle the vessel and of waves, wind and the marine environment.

For Ibiza cruiser rentals we also require a security deposit, which will depend on the type of vessel you rent. For more info on terms and conditions, see the rental section of our website. For a look at the boats we offer, visit the following link. Then get in touch with us for more first-hand information. We will be able to answer any questions you may have about Ibiza boat rentals or our rental terms and conditions.

To get a feel for our Ibiza boat rental service, check out our previous customers’ trips to see how they enjoyed their Ibiza rental and excursions with us.

“An honest and professional team offering the best boat rental service in Ibiza”

Our team

Andrés Menargues Andrés Menargues

Andrés Menargues

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Esteban Noriega

Andrés Menargues Andrés Menargues

Andrés Menargues

Logistics Officer
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Jonathan Leon

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Bruno Cano

Boat Master
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Ivan Carmichael

Boat Master
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