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Blue Ocean helps you with your booking!

Below we explain the details of the booking process and frequently asked questions when you decide to rent a boat. If you have any other questions you can call +34 674 700 113 or send us your inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Frequently Asked Questions

Down below we explain how to book a boat in Ibiza and solve all your doubts easily.

First steps: choice of boat, booking, payments, conditions, ...

What is the best boat for us? Sail or motor?

This is the first decision you must make when renting a boat in Ibiza. There are many types of boats and the choice is often very personal. Motor boats are faster and will allow you to visit more coves or beaches in less time. But on the other hand they consume more fuel and tend to be more expensive to rent. Although it also depends on the size of the boat you select. Here is a short list and summary of the types of boats that you can find:

- Pneumatic/Ribs: They are motor boats with rubber floats. There are pneumatics/ribs from 4 meters up to 14 meters with different prices. They are usually easy to drive and some of the ones we have on the Website can be rented without a captain. The smallest have 1 engine, which makes them easy to navigate with and fuel efficient. They are perfect to get almost anywhere, even the smallest ones you can beach them and go ashore.

- Boats: They are the smallest motorboats. They are fast boats with one or two engines. They are perfect for a group of friends who do not want to spend a lot of money and want to spend a pleasant day in the different coves and beaches of Ibiza. Some of the ones we have we can rent without a captain, although we always recommend to take a captain, he will always take you to the best places and hot spots of either of the islands and has the knowledge of the best and safe places to anchor, the dangers, the wind in each spot of the islands etc.

- Yachts: They are the largest motorboats, with two powerful engines. The yachts are suitable for people who want a luxury boat in Ibiza and want to spend a day in Formentera with all the comforts, since they are large and spacious boats. Also in some of them you can sleep on board/overnight as they have comfortable cabins.

- Sailboats: They are designed for groups that want to spend a week in Ibiza, they are good for friends or families. Normally they are to move around Ibiza and Formentera, they have non-mooring assigned for the whole week but they have mooring for boarding the first day and landing on the last day. There are cheap sailboats for those who do not want great luxuries and there are more luxurious sailboats for those who want something more exclusive. There are some Sailboats than can be rented for a Day Charter too, just ask availability or check on our Website.

- Catamarans: Like sailboats, they are for those who want to spend a week in the waters of Ibiza. They are very spacious and comfortable boats. They are very stable and have little movement so if you get dizzy on board this is the best option. We have some sailboats and catamarans that can also be rented for days. You can see it in the files if they have rental for days or not.

Choose the best boat rental option in Ibiza for you among all of our Web

Once you know what type of boat you want, go to our section of Our Boats. Select by the type of boat: Yacht, Boat, Pneumatic, Sailboat, Catamaran, depending on what you are looking for or is needed. It is important to know first, if you are going to do a Day Charter or more than one day and the number of guests on board.

Once you are inside the chosen section, look for the boat that best suits your pleasures, your budget and your needs. You will see in all the boats a presentation photo (all the photos are real, the boat is as you see it), the boat model, the length or size, the low/mid/high/+high season price with VAT included and the number of passengers. You will see that a +1 always appears behind, it refers to the captain.

For some ribs, boats and ships you can make direct booking and direct payment on the Web. We recommend these boats as you can see the immediate availability and you won´t have to wait for an answer from us.

How do I book?

Once you are clear which boat is the one that suits best your needs, you can make the reservation by several ways. You can call us directly at our reservation phone: +34 674 700 113 or send us a WhatsApp to that same phone number. You can also send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., specifying the boat you are looking for, the passengers that will be on board etc. The more details you give us the better and more concrete we can give you an answer. Or you can also make a reservation request through the forms that exist in the file of each boat or make the direct reservation and online payment for those boats that have Online Booking. We will explain later how to do it.

Make a request for a Booking or a Online Booking through our Website

If you enter in a file of any of our boats you can see in detail the specs of that boat. In the file you will see, photos of the boat in good quality. The photos are real and the boats are as we show them on the Website. You will also see on the right of the photos the basic features, such as the length, the beam, the engine/s it has, the cruising speed, etc.

Below you can see the prices for the different seasons of the year. Prices will vary if it´s low/mid/high/+high season. In all the prices you have VAT included, as well as insurance, drinks, port taxes (in the boats that have mooring), snorkeling equipment, music with bluetooth and in the boats that are rented only with captain you will also have it included in the price.

Everything you have included in the price appears on the right of the price table, as well as what is not included that will normally be just the fuel or the APA. In this case and to know the approximate consumption of fuel for a charter day that a boat has, you can see it at the bottom of the price table. This will give you an idea of how much the total day will be. Also, if you want, ask for closed route and fuel packages and we will send you an all-inclusive price, if you are a large group, it will be easier to make your calculations.

Below you can see a form where to make the reservation or reservation request. Choose a date, add your details, passengers and booking is on it´s way! It’s that easy.

On the boats that have an “Online Booking” you will have access to an online payment gateway where you can finalise the booking process.

How much is paid in advance to make the booking?

To formalise the reservation 50% of the total reservation must be paid in advance, the rest will be paid on the booking date.

How can I make the payment?

We offer several forms of payment, by bank transfer to our bank account (previos invoice sent to you), by debit or credit card (no AMEX) through a payment link that we will send you by mail or WhatsApp or coming to our office to pay by card or cash.

What do I have included in the price?

On our website, within each boat file, what is included in the price is specified, depending on the boat you want to rent, although normally you will always have VAT included, port mooring, boat insurance, port fees, equipment Snorkeling, drinks + ice and on the boats that have mandatory captain it will also be included in the price. In each ship's tabs it is clearly specified what is included and what is not. On the other hand if you wish a closed price (all inclusive), there is no problem, we can budget you an all-inclusive total; Fuel, captain, water toys, food, extra drink and any other service you wish to hire for your charter.

What is the APA that appears on some yachts?

It is a deposit that is used in boats of great length for the costs of fuel, food / beverages and any extra expenses that may appear during the duration of the rental. Normally it is equivalent to 30% of the total rent. And it is managed by the crew to make provisioning payments, extra activities or reservations of any kind of extras that the client requires. If at the end of the rental it has not been fully consumed, the remaining amount will be returned to the customer in the payment method that was done.

Is the boat already booked at the time of payment?

Yes, once the 50% payment is received the reservation is formalised and you will receive a confirmation email with our Location which is in Marina Botafoc Port, the documentation you have to bring with you and the remainder to be paid upon boarding.

What documents do I need to rent with captain? And without a captain?

To rent with the captain we only need a valid ID or Passport of the holder of the boat rental.

If the rental is without a captain, you must present the corresponding certification/accreditation to the boat length, it is important that it´s legible, homologated and in date.

You can send all the documentation by e-mail to us once booking is settled, to speed up the sign/contract process on the booking day.

What rules should I follow to rent a boat without a captain?

You must follow the basic safety rules in navigation, you must know the area through which you will navigate, keep the necessary ground distance, respect the maximum speed of 30 knots, do not navigate through dangerous areas marked in GPS, do not anchor in Protected areas of the marine plant “Posidonia”, do not carry higher passage than allowed (each vessel has a permitted number of passengers) you must always inform us of total passengers traveling on board and return at the established time. It is important for the safety of all passengers on board that all rules are complied with and respected.

Is a deposit required to rent without a captain? How much is it?

To rent any boat without a captain, a minimum deposit of € 1,000 is paid in the case of smaller vessels (6 meters) and this deposit will increase depending on the length and characteristics of the boat. During the rental process we will inform you of the deposit to be paid. The maximum deposit is € 3,000 for larger boats that are rented without a captain, which is approximately 12 meters.

Is a deposit required to rent with captain? How much is it and when is it paid?

For boats that are rented with a captain, a deposit of between € 250 and € 400 may be taken depending on the length of the rented boat as to pay the fuel at the end of the charter. No deposit will be taken in cases where the fuel is included in the rental price.

When is the security deposit returned?

If the deposit has been for fuel, upon return of the passengers, the route taken is calculated and the fuel cost is debited from the deposit. The remainder will appear on the card within 24/48 hours following the day of the Charter.

If the deposit has been for rent deposit without captain; Upon return, the good condition of the boat and its equipment will be checked and if everything is in perfect conditions, the deposit will be returned, it must appear on the card within 24/48 of the Charter.

When is the fuel paid?

Fuel is normally paid at the end of the charter. With boats that are rented with a captain, the fuel can be debited from the security deposit or the companies´ staff who receives clients upon return will charge once the route and the total amount have been calculated. On ships that are rented without a captain, the fuel tank must be filled at the gas station at the end of the charter by the customer and must be paid directly at the gas station. In the event that the client does not fill the tank at the end of his charter without a captain, the company will charge € 30 plus VAT for refuelling service.

If the rental is booked with fuel included then it is paid with the booking process

How is the amount of fuel calculated on ships with captain?

All our boats have a GPS tracking system that indicates the distance traveled, speed, and different parameters of the boat. With the distance traveled and depending on the ship and its consumption per kilometre, we calculate the consumption during the entire crossing. It is a very efficient and precise system.

How do I know how many passengers fit on the boat for a charter day? And to sleep on board?

When you enter the file of each boat on our Website, you will see the information of how many passengers can navigate during the day and how many passengers can spend over-night (if it´s the case that you want to sleep on board). The number differs depending on the availability of cabins on each boat. Legally charter boats have a maximum of 12 people on board plus crew, although not all boats reach the legal maximum allowed. Most boats have less capacity. In each boat records you will see a number of passengers plus a number that follows: 10 + 1, this information indicates that the ship can sail with 10 guests plus the captain. There are also boats for larger groups that reach up to 150 passengers, all these boats are under different legislation and are mostly Sailboats and catamarans.

If we are a large group of more than 12 people, what can we do?

In the case of large groups, we can offer two or more motor boats (small or larger in length depending on the budget you have), in which you can sail together and anchor in tandem (one next to the other) or we also offer the possibility of renting a sailboat or a catamaran of greater capacity. On our Website you can see some of these boats for large groups. Ask us about the possibility of tandem and boat availability.

On the day of your charter and on board the boat

Where are departures and returns made?

All boats with the label “Online Booking” on our Website will make the boardings and landings in the Port of Marina Botafoch in Ibiza, on the other side if the client wishes to do it in another point of Ibiza or Formentera there is no problem, always with prior notice and rate agreement between the Customer and the company.

Bookings that are not "Online Bookings" boarding and landings will depend on where the boat is located and moored, but it´s usually in one of the ports of the island of Ibiza, Talamanca or Ses Salines Beaches. We also have boats in the Port of Santa Eulalia and San Antonio if you want to board there.

Do I have to sign a contract on boarding?

Yes, always before departure, a contract must be signed that shows the specs, name and  register number of the boat, rental information and the details of the rental holder., in addition to the conditions of the rental and the rules that you must follow. We will provide you with all the information a few days before the charter so that you have it beforehand and you can read it carefully.

What routes can we take? What are the options?

On our Website, you can see the different routes you can take. Here´s our Link so you have a good check on them.

The most typical route is to Formentera-Illetes Beach, which covers the island of Espalmador close to Formentera, it´s a natural reserve solitary island with beautiful beaches full of lovely white sand, Ses Illetes Beach, is where the best restaurants in Formentera are located, the most crystalline water and the most luxurious and exclusive yachts, and to finalise coming via Caló des Moro or Cala Pluma, you can  take a swim after eating or resting before returning to Ibiza. This route is one of the most awesome, besides being the most economical in terms of fuel. It´s our highly recommended route if it´s the first time you visit the islands.

We offer alternative routes depending on what you want to visit, some others that we recommend are Cala Saona, South Zone of Ibiza, Salinas / Cala Jondal / Porroig / Es Vedrá, ... You can check our Website with all the info of the different routes we offer. There are endless possibilities! Do not hesitate to send us your proposal if the place you want to visit does not appear on our Website.

How long is the rental?

A full day rental has a duration of 8hrs, starting from the booking departure time. The company will always give a verge of 30 minutes for possible delays due to traffic or any other external cause. Boats must always be in port before the gas station closes for ships without a captain or before sunset for safety reasons. In the event that the client exceeds eight hours, the extra hour will be charged at € 100 plus VAT.

From what time can we board?

The boats are always ready at port from 10 am and it is your decision and best time that suits the group. We normally recommend to departure between 10am to 12pm to be able to enjoy the 8h charter at the best possible sun schedule. We can also advise you which schedule is the best depending on the route you are going to follow. Check with us and we will suggest the best itinerary.

Can I watch the sunset? Does it have any additional cost?

Yes, as long as the rental has been booked within the sunset schedule, let´s say for example, if the sunset is at 8pm and the charter has a departure time of 1pm it´s well scheduled. It must also be borne in mind that boats must always be back to port before it is dark, for safety. If departure is early in the morning in the summer season (as days being longer), the client must request a quote to extend the rental to more than 8hrs.

Are drinks included on board? What drinks are included?

Normally all ships come with free on board drinks, with few exceptions for boats of large groups where you have to book and pay drinks separately. In our boats there is a large fridge with water, soft drinks (normal and zero coke, fizzy orange and lemonade and sprite), beers and ice. If you fancy having any different drinks on board different from the ones we offer, let us know and we will provide them (prior notice). We also offer premium beverage packs.

Can we bring our own drinks and food?

Yes, you can bring your own drinks and food. In charters without a captain, just remind you that the captain cannot drink alcoholic beverages on board. Likewise, the ship must be returned in acceptable conditions of cleanliness, otherwise, the company reserves the right to charge a penalty.

What extras can I have on board? When do I pay for them?

Extras, such as Water Toys (SeaBob, Wakeboard, Water Skiing, etc.), on-board menus, Premium drinks, etc., must be booked before the charter and 50% will be paid in advance to make the reservation. In the event that the client decides to book any of our extras on the day of the charter, and once the availability of the requested extra has been checked, it may be paid in full the same day before departure.

In what boats can we cook on board?

If you want to cook on board what we recommend is that you rent a sailboat or a catamaran. In the motorboats it is not normally allowed to cook, also ask us about the boat in question and we will tell you if it is allowed to spend the night and cook on board.

Can I go down to eat in a restaurant?

There is an extensive offer of Restaurants in Ibiza and Formentera that offer the dingy service (small zodiac for the collection of passengers on the boat and take them to the restaurant). We can manage your booking for a table if needed (prior notice).

Should we tip the captain?

Tipping the captain will always be welcome by him and this will denote that you´ve had an awesome Charter and that the captain has performed a good service.

Cancellations, liabilities, problems, ...

If you want to cancel later, would it be possible? Would I be charged something?

You can make a cancellation although depending on the weather until the date of the charter a penalty will be charged. If the cancellation is done more than 30 days before the booking date, the penalty will be 50% of the deposit payment paid. If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the booking date, the penalty will be 100% of the payment of the deposit paid.

In case of bad weather on the day of the charter, what would be the process?

In case of bad weather on the day of your booking, the first option offered is a change of day whenever it´s possible for the client and for the company, on the contrary if the client does not have availability of dates, 100% of the amount paid will be refunded.

And in case of boat failure?

In the event of a boat failure before departure, Blue Ocean Ibiza would be responsible for offering a boat of similar specs or an upgraded option. If there would be no availability for another boat replacement and the client could not or could not like to change the date for another day, the total amount paid would be refunded.

What happens if I hit or damage the boat during my rental day?

If the boat has been rented without a captain and you hit or damage the boat and the client's responsibility is clear, then the security deposit will cover the expenses of the damage. If the cost of damage is lower than the security deposit, the remaining part will be returned. If the cost of damage is higher, the customer will only have to pay the security deposit and the company will take care of the rest of the cost of repair.

If the boat is rented with a captain of the company, the client will not be liable for damages caused by the captain, but the client will be responsible for all damages in upholstery or elements of the boat due to misuse or negligence may have been caused on the boat.

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