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Boat charters
in Ibiza

Own fleet of vessels

Are you unsure about which boat to charter in Ibiza?

At Blue Ocean Ibiza we are here to help you! Use this form and in a few minutes you will receive a personalised proposal in your inbox:

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Exclusive offers

Sacs Strider 13 - 13.00m
From: 1.694 €
ANTES: 1.936 €
Sessa Key Largo 20 - 5.99m
From: 545 €
ANTES: 605 €
Sessa Key Largo 30 - 9.60m
From: 1.089 €
ANTES: 1.150 €
Capelli 900 Tempest - 9.00m
From: 1.089 €
ANTES: 1.210 €
Pacific Craft 630 - 6.10m
From: 593 €
ANTES: 666 €
Scorpion 46 - 13.20m
From: 3.025 €
ANTES: 3.146 €
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we explain everything you need to know to make your charter in Ibiza truly unforgettable. Thank you for trusting Blue Ocean, member of the Ibiza Charter Association.

How does a boat charter with us work?

If you have never rented a boat and you want to know how it works, you have doubts about which boat is the best for your group, how payments are made, and a long etcetera, here you will be able to solve all your doubts.

Read all the questions carefully and if there is anything else you want to know, please contact our team. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Which boat is best suited to our needs: motorboat or sailing boat?

First important decision to consider. As the name suggests, a motora is a mainly motor boat. These boats are much faster and will get you to any destination on the island in less time.

Sailing boats, however, are sail-powered, although if the wind is not strong enough to get you there at an adequate speed, the small motor on board is often used.

We recommend motor boats for more complete visits, you will be able to see more beaches and visit more coves in less time.

Bear in mind that a boat rental lasts 8 hours, so for those of you who want to see a lot in a short time it is the ideal solution.

It has the disadvantage that they are usually more expensive to rent and the fuel consumption is higher. This is another factor to take into account, as fuel is not normally included in the rental price (it is paid for at the end of the charter).

On a sailboat, on the other hand, the trip is more pleasant and slower, so you will be able to visit fewer beaches. On a sailing boat or catamaran it is not only about visiting beaches but also about enjoying the journey and the sailing.

Sailboats are usually cheaper, both the day charter and the price of fuel. So for smaller budgets it is often the ideal solution.

Go to our charter boats section to take a look at our motor and sailing yacht or catamaran options.

Once I have decided which type of boat I want to charter, how can I see all the boats available?

To do so, go to the section "Our Boats". Once inside you will be able to see all the boats we have for rent. You can choose between different sections:

RIBs: motor boats with inflatable balloons on the sides. These boats are usually very popular because of their ease of handling and spaciousness. They are also very fun and comfortable, which makes them ideal for daily rentals. We have a wide variety of sizes and models of inflatable boats for rent in Ibiza.

- Speedboats: this type of motorboat is usually of a small or medium size. They are fast and suitable for visiting all types of beaches and coves. They are the perfect option for small or medium sized groups, although some speedboats for rent also have a capacity for 11 or 12 people.

- Yachts: these are the largest motor boats, most of them with 2 or more cabins for sleeping on board. Clients usually rent a yacht for several days to stay overnight and spend several days on board either in port or at anchor on one of the wonderful beaches of Ibiza and Formentera.

- Sailing boats: these are the most suitable sailing boats for groups with a low budget or who like sailing. They are the most seaworthy boats and the most often rented for full weeks. Please note that only some of our sailboats for rent can be rented for a shorter period of time.

- Catamarans: These are the most luxurious and comfortable sailing boats. With their two hulls joined together they offer unequalled space and spaciousness. They are very stable, ideal for large groups and people who do not have much sailing experience. The nights on board are pleasant and you can hardly notice the movement of the waves. You can rent a catamaran for days or weeks, although it is more common to rent a catamaran for weeks at a time.

Can I charter a boat without a skipper or must I always be accompanied by a skipper on board?

Some of the boats we have for charter you can take them yourself if you have the appropriate qualifications and experience. All the boats that can be rented without skipper can be found in the "Available without skipper" tab in the "Our Boats" section..

The vast majority of boats for bareboat charter are dinghies and inflatable boats, although we also have sailing boats and catamarans for bareboat charter, although to a lesser extent.

If you have a licence but have never sailed in the islands, we always recommend you to rent a boat with a skipper, as the skipper will always tell you the best places to anchor and spend the day depending on the weather conditions, waves, wind etc.

Bear in mind that our captains have been sailing in Ibiza and Formentera for many years and know perfectly all the bends, rocks, dangers, etc. so they will make your day much more pleasant and safer.

If, on the other hand, you have the qualifications and experience then we have a multitude of boats with which you can enjoy a day out with family and friends. 

Boat rental in Ibiza. Blue Ocean

Why rent a boat in Ibiza?

What sets us apart from other charter brokers in Ibiza is our own fleet of fully serviced boats, our friendly and attentive staff and our obsession with safety - chartering a boat with Blue Ocean Ibiza is synonymous with an unforgettable holiday!

Renting a boat in Ibiza is a unique experience: you can enjoy sailing in the most transparent and pleasant waters of the Mediterranean, enjoy snorkelling or diving, watch breathtaking sunsets in incredible natural environments, ... The white island has a lot to offer you at sea...

Our boats for rent in Ibiza are fully insured and with all the documentation in order. We also have the most professional skippers of the island and they will make you fall in love with the landscapes of Ibiza in the most complete sea routes of the island.

Blue Ocean Ibiza is a member of the Ibiza Charter Association. This organisation works to establish a standard of quality in the boat charter sector in Ibiza on the initiative of the most experienced companies on the island.

What do our customers say?

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Latest news

Commitment to Posidonia

Through the Ibiza Charter Association (ACI), of which Blue Ocean Ibiza is one of the founding companies, we collaborate with the preservation of the lungs of the Mediterranean Sea: the Posidonia oceanica.

Together with the Ibiza Preservation FoundationIbiza Preservation Foundation we work to protect posidonia meadows and maintain a marine environment in a good state of conservation and full of life..

These meadows are the main carbon sink in the Mediterranean, they oxygenate and purify the water, prevent coastal erosion and provide a refuge for the rearing of fry of great importance to fisheries.

Discounts Up to 20% on Own Fleet
Boats Own fleet, with and without captain
Location 30min from Formentera by boat
Drinks Included and with lots of ice
Routes Formentera West, East, Ibiza South, …

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