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Navegar en Ibiza: ¿alquiler de velero en Ibiza o alquiler de lancha en Ibiza?

Sailing in Ibiza: rent a sailing boat in Ibiza or rent a motor boat in Ibiza?

Many times people ask us what is best solution to navigate Ibiza, if to rent a motor boat or  hire a captan with sailing boat rental in Ibiza. And the truth is that both have their charm. The decision to choose between a motorboat or a sailboat is very personal; since there are people who prefer a fast boat to travel from one place to another with ease and people who prefer the peace of sailing or the adventure of moving freely to the compass and the wind, without haste and enjoying every moment.

Which is better, renting a sailboat in Ibiza or renting a motor boat in Ibiza?

Motor navigation allows moving quickly from one cove to another.

The interior habitability is always depending on the length, and is greater than that of a sailboat; the navigation is simpler and also allows you to get closer to the coast because of its smaller draft.

Its negative side is the fuel expense, and the lower autonomy.

The sailboat rental in Ibiza, on the other hand, requires a specific knowledge to handle sails and riggings. The interior space, also depending on the length, is more limited than a motorboat; and the

feeling during navigation is not pleasant as that of the motorboat, although in case of storm, the stability of the sailboat is better.





Sailboat rental in Ibiza

Let's navigate - tagomago

Many consider that renting a sailboat in Ibiza is the real navigation, the art of dominating the elements, and enjoy the sound of the waves breaking against the hull while we contemplate the

horizon. Those who choose a sailboat to sail through Ibiza are usually people with experience in the sea and nautical knowledge, eager to leave the port to raise the sails and stop the engine to contemplate the sounds of the ship and the sea, enjoying the navigation unhurried, relaxed as you sail, with your family and friends.

Although the destination that most people choose is Formentera, we recommend a very nice route along the east coast of Ibiza ideal to enjoy with a sailboat. So you can discover a different Ibiza

from the sea, more virgin and spectacular!



Sailboat Rental in Ibiza

And for this we will embark on our great classic OctopusC sailboat !!

We will leave from the port of Santa Eulalia heading north along the Ibizan coast, where we will make our first stop in the beautiful Cala Llenya, popular for its beautiful turquoise waters.

After the swim, we continue sailing towards the Tagomago Island, with its incredible cliffs and its ideal natural harbor to anchor and enjoy the surroundings with views of Ibiza in front of us.

Despite being a private island, Tagomago also has a chiringuito that we can access to eat one of the best fish or meat dishes contemplating unparalleled seasights at first sea line!

After lunch, we will snorkel and enjoy countless baths in the crystal clear waters that surround the island. And if you're one of those lucky ones who has decided to rent a sailboat in Ibiza for a

couple of days, you can discover the north of Ibiza with its incredibly virgin coves, many of which access is only by sea. Without a doubt, an experience that will hallucinate you!


Touring Ibiza and Formentera - Cala Llenya

As we have enjoyed an unforgettable experience in this sailboat rental in Ibiza of 18 meters of length and great habitability. We can also enjoy many water sports as it has a tender equipped with everything necessary for fun guaranteed. With its 4 cabins and a spacious lounge, we can make use of it even at night, anchored in some cove of Ibiza or Formentera. And nothing better than contemplating the sunsets comfortably lying in its ample solarium or taking us an aperitif comfortably seated, around its table located in stern.


Boat rental in Ibiza

On the contrary, those who choose boat rental in Ibiza, are people who enjoy the adrenaline that gives them the speed, seek to reach quickly destination (usually Formentera), is a young public mostly alternating night life and the sea pleasures of Ibiza.

They choose to move quickly from cove to cove, and enjoy water sports such as donuts, bananas, ski or wakeboard.

And for this we will ride on one of our boats Sea Ray 290 Bow Rider !! This model gives a lot of play as it is a very livable, super fun boat, with a very

comfortable and comprehensive equipment, with everything you need to spend a great day at sea! This boat of 9 meters in length, is equipped with two powerful 5.7 L Mercruiser engines of 260 HP each, providing a great navigation with a lot of reaction capacity.


Touring Ibiza and Formentera - Cala Sa Torreta

Imagine sailing the seas at full speed with your friends, while listening to your favorite music at full volume thanks to its powerful music system with ipod / iphone / usb connection. This boat, having a very low draft, will allow us to get into places where other boats can not access, and thus be able to enjoy the best places known by few in Ibiza and


Just to give an example, we can get into Sa Torreta. A cove of fine sand and crystal clear waters shaped like a bay and an island opposite. It is a very sheltered area with a west orientation, very popular with Ibizans and formentereces. Its access by boat is complicated, since there is very little depth and you should not get too close to the coast to be able to pass without touching bottom.

In conclusion, this boat will leave you breathless to check its smooth navigation and ease of operation. In addition, you can practice all kinds of water sports. A fantastic launch, with an ideal size to enjoy a successful day charter in which you can explore the best coves of the islands comfortably and quickly!


Blue Ocean Ibiza

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