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Private boat Ibiza Formentera with free cancellation

Are you looking to rent a private boat for your next holiday in Ibiza and Formentera? At Blue Ocean we have the perfect boat for you. 

In this post we will show you some of them. Let's get started!

Private boat Ibiza Formentera: available boat types

One of the main reasons why our clients rent a boat in Ibiza is, without a doubt, to visit "the little one" of the Pitiusas.

Without a doubt, Formentera, with its crystalline waters, its restaurants of exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and its paradisiacal beaches is one of the preferred destinations for travellers from all over the world.

But what is the best option for your private boat Ibiza Formentera? It will depend on your budget, the number of passengers you travel with, if you want to cook on board or if you want to go to a restaurant...

For example...

Renting a speedboat is very popular for people who are looking for good value for money, comfort and low fuel consumption. As the Sessa Key Largo 20 which you can see below:

Pacman - Key Largo 20

It has capacity for 7 passengers (plus skipper or captain), has a large and comfortable solarium at the bow and the Ibiza-Formentera trip on this private boat can be made with very little fuel consumption. 

You can rent it from €363 per day in low season and it is one of the most demanded options of our customers. You can make your reservation online by clicking on the image above.

If for your private boat Ibiza Formentera you are looking for practicality and access to the most unreachable corners, we recommend you to choose the rental of a RIB.

They are really comfortable and although the consumption may be slightly higher than that of the boats (depending on the length, of course), they will provide you with a very good sailing experience.

For example, the Sacs Dream Luxe 25 that you can see in the picture below has a unique power steering system and can accommodate up to 12 people (including skipper or captain):

Peppa Pig -  25 Dream Luxe

One of the strong points is that it reaches 25 knots of speed, so you can visit Formentera in a very short time. You can book it online by clicking on the picture and it is available from €605 per day in low season.

Now, if you are looking for a plus of comfort for your private boat Ibiza Formentera and the budget is not a problem, we cannot stop suggesting you to choose a yacht charter.

You will be able to spend the night on board (or simply enjoy the cabins if you make a day charter) and the sailing experience is simply sensational.

As an example you have the Pershing 37, a 12 meter long yacht with capacity for 12 passengers (and up to 4 people can spend the night on it):

Black Ball - 37

From 1.089 euros per day in low season you can have a private boat Ibiza Formentera of authentic luxury and surprise your companions with a unique experience.

The last of our recommendations is that if you want to sail the traditional way and cook on board, choose the rental of a sailboat or a catamaran rental.

One of the most popular and demanded options in Blue Ocean is the classic sailing boat Ketch CT56, with capacity for 12 people and a total of 4 cabins for overnight stay on board:

Octopus C - Ketch CT56

By clicking on the image you can book it online from only 1,150 Euros in the low season. It is ideal if you are looking for a private boat Ibiza Formentera for a family holiday or if you are a traditional boat enthusiast. You will not find a better sailing boat!

Private boat Ibiza Formentera: cancellation policy due to coronavirus

We are aware of the complications that can arise when planning your next holiday in Ibiza and Formentera due to the health crisis caused by the COVID19.

That's why at Blue Ocean we make it easy for you: if you book with us and you have restrictions to travel on the date of your charter, you can cancel or modify it for free.

You can find more information in our general conditions.

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