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Charter en Ibiza

Inflatable boats for rent in Ibiza

With Blue Ocean it is very easy to rent a rib in Ibiza. These types of boats are ideal for you to disembark on the most idyllic beaches of the Pitiusas Island
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Frequently asked questions about renting rib boats

1. How far from the beach can I get with a semi-rigid or rib?

If you are looking to disembark on sandy beaches directly from your boat, this type of boat is perfect.

With the rental of rib boats in Ibiza, access the most remote beaches and enjoy the views of the coast from a privileged place

You must first take into account the rules of each beach and the length of the rib. Almost all the beaches have a delimited area through which you can pass with your rib to the shore, this option is allowed for smaller ribs, up to 6 or 7 meters in length. When they are somewhat larger you can approach the shore at a certain distance or deposit the passengers and things that you want to go down to the beach and then anchor the boat. If you are the captain, you will have to get wet!

2. If I have an accident and I puncture the rib, what will happen?

This depends on the cost of the repair. Any damage caused below the franchise will be charged from the security deposit. If the value of the damages is higher than the deposit, the difference will be paid by the insurance. All this, always in the cases of renting a rib without a captain. In the cases of renting a rib with captain you do not have to worry.

3. What are the advantages of renting a Semirigid or rib boat instead of a rigid boat?

Ribs are one of our star products. Functional and comfortable, our rib boats will turn your needs into an experience. Whether you travel alone or in a group, we assure you that you will find the right rib.

One of the strengths is the lower fuel consumption since they are lighter boats and therefore need less powerful and less consumption engines.

Another advantage is the versatility of these boats. Since in shallow waters you can approach the shore and disembark. In addition to the comfort it offers when navigating, due to the stability that the rubber tubes give it. Another possible advantage could be that, having the rubber tubes, it is possible to be lying on them and much closer to the water.

4. What activities to do with a rib boat?

Thanks to the rental of rib boats, you can do a lot of activities on board such as fishing or practicing water sports. For example, you can rent a water toy and enjoy fun times with your family or friends. Keep in mind that water activities will only be allowed with a captain due to the risk for the passengers and the boat that they entail.

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