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Ibiza North

Ibiza - Tagomago - Sa Penya Blanca - Cala Nova - Ibiza

Ibiza - Tagomago - Sa Penya Blanca - Cala Nova - Ibiza

This route is suitable for days when the wind blows from the south or west, as we are going to cross the northern part of Ibiza and in this area we will be sheltered from these winds. On this route we will visit the private island of Tagomago, a true marvel, and the coves of Sa Penya Blanca and Cala Nova. There are many more coves and places to visit on this route and it is possible that the captain may decide, depending on the conditions, to anchor in another cove that is more sheltered. There are many places to visit in the north of Ibiza, one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of the island.  

This route is usually perfect for people who already know Formentera and want something different on their day of boat rental, want to know areas of the island that are more unknown and very intimate. It really does not disappoint. 

Ibiza - Tagomago

Leaving the port of Marina Botafoch, the first stop is the private island of Tagomago. To get to Tagomago we will sail north-east at a prudent distance from the coast. The only danger is 3 miles past the village of Santa Eulalia, where we will pass between the coast and some islands (Illa Rodona and Illa de Santa Eulalia), at this point there are several shallows and rocks on which we will have to be careful. The estimated time to reach Tagomago is approximately 35-40 minutes. In the attached map you will find the route to follow as well as the dangers, restaurants, anchorages, etc. You can carry this map open on your mobile phone to follow the route.. 

The island of Tagomago is owned by German businessman Matthias Kühn and Spanish model Norma Duval. It is a wonderful, mostly rocky island, 1.5 kilometres long and 113m wide. In the centre of the island stands the owners' home and is the only area that is actually completely private. The rest of the island is accessible both by land and by sea. There are two anchorage points, in the northeast area known as Olla de Tramuntana, a rocky bay where you anchor between 5 and 10m in stone and sandy bottoms. This bay is protected from southerly and westerly winds. The other anchorage point is in the western part of the island in the so-called Port de Tagomago, so called because it is the place where the harbour is located to go down to the island. The owners have built a concrete and wooden harbour for their boats, although we can use it in a public way to land on the island if we wish. 

In front of the pier there is an old beach bar that is currently closed, which was once a bar-restaurant and whose most famous curiosity is that a large part of the video clip of the great hit "La Lambada" was filmed there. On youtube you can see this video and the beach bar where it was filmed. In the 60's and 70's, big parties were also held here for famous and illustrious people, so it is an anchorage with a lot of fun history.

The anchoring can be done in front of the beach bar and next to the pier in an incredibly transparent seabed that has nothing to envy to Formentera. The seabed is made of sand and posidonia. If you anchor no more than 20 metres from the coast, it is all sand on a depth of between 3 and 5 metres. If you anchor further out, you will see where the marine plant begins. Be careful not to anchor over this plant that helps to clean the waters of the Mediterranean and which is so important. 

Isla Tagomago

Tagomago - Sa Penya Blanca

Once we have enjoyed a pleasant swim and, if we wish, a stroll along the coast of the island, we raise anchor and head for the anchorage of Sa Penya Blanca. To reach this point we head north and sail for approximately 10 minutes until we reach and pass Punta Grossa, where we turn to port to enter this fantastic cove. At the cape of Punta Grossa there is an abandoned lighthouse visible from the sea which is a good photo to take from our boat as well as a nice excursion by land from San Vicente cove. In the latter cove there is a restaurant where we can go for lunch, The Boat House restaurant, with succulent fish and meat dishes. As far as we know, it is the only restaurant with the possibility of taking customers ashore. 

To get to Sa Penya Blanca there is a danger to avoid indicated on the map, it is a dry area one mile from the coast. This dry area is currently marked and signposted. We have also marked it on the map for greater safety. Anchoring in Sa Penya Blanca can be done in the area indicated on the map, as close as possible to the cliffs. The seabed is made of stone and sand and is between 7 and 10 metres deep. We must be careful not to leave too much chain if the wind is light, so as not to leave the chain entangled. The water is usually clear and the bottom can be seen quite clearly. 

This anchorage is usually an oasis of peace and quiet, where very few boats venture and therefore on most days of the summer where other coves are usually crowded, here we will find a haven of peace. On the most crowded days we can share the cove with 3 or 4 other boats. It is also a wide cove and has enough space so that no boat is too close to the other. If you like quiet and exclusive places, this could be one of the best. It is a good place, like the island of Tagomago, to take a snorkelling mask and enjoy its rocky coastline full of nooks and crannies where the island's fish usually hide. 

sa penya blanca

Sa Penya Blanca - Cala Nova

Finally, we will head towards Ibiza harbour again, but first we will make a final anchorage in Cala Nova. This cove has become very fashionable in recent years, due to the construction and improvement of a 5-star hotel and some exclusive beach bars. Its white sand and turquoise blue water give us an idea of the reason for this fever. It has also recently become a good surfing spot on the island, especially in the low season months, when the waves are more frequent. This anchorage is also marked on the attached map, you just have to follow the signs to reach this place. 

The anchorage can be made anywhere in the cove, always at a prudent distance from the bathing area and outside the yellow buoys that protect bathers. The seabed is sandy with depths of between 4 and 6 metres. Anchoring at this point is recommended when the winds are westerly or south-westerly. If the wind is more southerly we can change this anchorage for Cala Llonga a few miles south of the port of Santa Eulalia. If you have rented the boat without skipper, ask us before the departure of your charter and we will tell you which anchorage is more convenient of the two. Both are also great for a sunset swim. 

cala nova ibiza 

Cala Nova - Ibiza

We put an end to our day by heading back to the port of Ibiza. The trip from Cala Nova to Ibiza takes approximately 30 minutes. There are no dangers other than those indicated at the beginning of the explanation, so it is an easy and pleasant sailing. If the wind is from the southeast it is possible that we may have some swell on our return, sail with caution and a suitable speed. 

Once you arrive in port, one of our staff will be waiting for you at the petrol station to assist you and help you with the docking and undocking manoeuvres. It is important to remember that if you need to fill up your boat's fuel tank, please be patient and wait your turn. At certain times, especially between 19h and 20:30h on weekends or any day in July and August, the petrol station is usually very busy, so when you arrive, ask for your turn to wait and get in line to fill up. If you need any help we will still be there to help you get on the boat if necessary. 

I hope you enjoy your great day in the north!!! For more information about our boats you can see our fleet in the following link.

Edited: 24-02-2022


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