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Charter en Ibiza

Sailing Yacht Charter in Ibiza

The pure essence of navigation. Exceeding the expectations of your holidays in the Mediterranean is possible if you choose to rent a sailboat in Ibiza.
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Sailboat rental faqs

1. What are the advantages of sailing on a sailboat compared to a catamaran?

Sailboats are the quintessential boat for saltwater lovers. Sailboats are the very essence of sailing. The main advantage of a sailboat over a catamaran is seaworthiness. A sailboat is much more seaworthy than a catamaran, basically it sails better in moderate wind conditions. It behaves better for taking the waves. In addition, sailboats are considerably cheaper to rent than catamarans. If you are looking for an economical and more seaworthy option, this is your best option.

If you are thinking of traveling to Ibiza or Formentera, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy sailing on these boats. It is an experience of great beauty that will undoubtedly meet your expectations. Sailboat rental in Ibiza and Formentera has never been so easy. There are also possibilities to rent it without a captain, as long as you have experience and qualifications.

2. What important things should we take into account when renting a sailboat?

When you rent a sailboat and you are going to come to Ibiza or Formentera, keep the following tips in mind.

- Carry flexible suitcases or bags, as they are easier to store, instead of rigid suitcases. Keep in mind that spaces are limited on any boat, so the storage of our belongings, food, etc. It must be controlled to have a much more pleasant experience and that we can move around the sailboat more easily. We can fold flexible bags and store them in any closet, but not rigid suitcases.

- If you want to cook on board, you should bring your own food and drink, keeping in mind that it is as less perishable as possible since the refrigerators of a boat are smaller than those of a house. This is also important so you don't waste food. Bring food such as pasta, rice, cans of preserves etc. You can also go ashore during your stay and buy what you need, there are supermarkets on the beach in many of the clan and beaches of Ibiza.

- The water tanks in the sailboats are limited so when taking a shower think about your fellow travelers so that the water lasts long enough.

3. Do the sailboats have mooring in port or are they at anchor?

Most of these boats do not have the price of the mooring included, therefore, here on the island it is normal to anchor in its various beaches to live a real nautical experience.

Boarding and disembarkation are usually done at the port for greater comfort and to be able to upload luggage and food quickly.

4. Which shipyard are the most recommended?

If you plan to cruise through the waters of Ibiza and Formentera, Beneteau and Jeanneau are the best known shipyards and they offer all the comfort you need to relax. Other well-known shipyards would be Dufour, which offers a good compromise between power and comfort since they are efficient and comfortable sailboats. The Bavaria shipyard is also known for its comfortable and inexpensive boats. There are many more shipyards, but these 4 could be considered the most common in the nautical charter world.

5. What activities can I do?

In some of our sailboats you have the option of going diving, birthday parties, weddings, etc. It depends a lot on the size of the sailboat, on our website you can see sailboats from 10 meters in length to more than 30 meters and with capacity for 40 people.

Normally in all of them, you can have at your disposal different water toys such as paddle board, seabob. In the larger and more luxurious sailboats these water toys are usually included in the boat and price, but in the smaller and cheaper they are usually optional. Ask us to find out about the options you can count on on each boat. In addition, many sailboats usually carry an auxiliary dinghy with which you can approach the beaches or go ashore for any food purchase or activity.

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