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Charter en Ibiza

Boat rental in Ibiza

From this page you can rent a speed boat in Ibiza. The ones we offer you at Blue Ocean are practical and easy to navigate. Discover them!
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Boat Rental FAQ

1. What type of crossing can I do with a boat?

The Speed boat is a kind of boat very practical and easy to navigate. Being smaller, you can visit difficult and shallow corners and beaches, which other boats with more draft cannot.

In addition, if you are an adventurer or adventurer and you like water sports, this type of boat is the ideal one to do it for its speed and maneuverability!

2. What type of license do I need to have to take a speed boat?

You can rent your speed boat with or without a skipper, depending on your level of experience and qualification. We have speed boats to rent without skipper from 4 meters to more than 10 meters. You will need a valid license from your home country to drive any of our boats. Keep in mind that not only you need to have a valid license, also experience and knowledge of the area are important. We always recommend renting the speed boat with a skipper if your experience or knowledge of the area is limited. A skipper will always help you have a much better experience, they know the best places to navigate and anchor, which winds are the predominant ones and which is the beach that will be better protected, which will also help you save fuel.

3. How can I calculate the fuel I am going to consume?

In this aspect we have two options:

- Speed Boats of more than 12 meters with skipper: We take a deposit for fuel at the beginning of the day that will cover any route you want to do. At the end of the day and in port and according to the route taken, we make an estimate of fuel consumption. We have some tables with which we guide ourselves that indicate the fuel consumed for the miles traveled. Once the consumption has been calculated and the client is informed, we proceed to collect it from the deposit.

- Speed Boats of less than 12 meters in length with or without a captain: it is the client himself who has to refill the tank at the end of the charter day. The speed boat is rented with a full fuel tank. Basically it is like renting a car ,we do full / full!

The difference between these two options is basically technical. A speed boat over 12 meters in length has diesel engines with much larger and heavier tanks. A ship of this size cannot always sail with full tanks, as we would strain the engines. A boat less than 12m in length is usually almost always gasoline, with smaller gasoline tanks.

4. What speed boats can I take without a captain?

You have this option from the tab above where it says "OUR BOATS", click and you will have 3 display options where you will find these options:

 - ALL



By clicking on Available without captain you will be able to see each of the available speed boats. You can take speed boats up to 11 meters in length without a captain. You must have your proper license, experience and knowledge of the area.

5. How much do I have to leave as a deposit or guarantee?

In the case of small speed boats, it ranges between € 1000 and € 2000. While in the larger ones they go from € 3,000. Keep in mind that the deposit will cover any damage that you may cause to the speed boat. The speed boats are insured with a trusted insurance company. These insurances have a franchise that is the deposit that is charged to rent the speed boat. Damages caused to the speed boat above this deposit will be covered by the insurer.

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