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Charter en Ibiza

Yacht Charter in Ibiza

With Blue Ocean Ibiza renting a yacht in Ibiza is very simple and you will have the guarantee of one of the most experienced companies in the island's charter world.
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Frequently asked questions about yacht rental

1. What types of yachts can I rent and what characteristics do they have?

There are many different types of yachts for rent in Ibiza and Formentera. We usually call yachts to boats of greater length and with particular characteristics such as hull design and structure. The yachts are usually all designed with spacious and comfortable cabins to make life on board.

Many of the yachts that we have for renting more than 20 meters in length have all the comforts of a home: generator to have power on board and electricity, air conditioning, satellite TV and a long list of equipment.

All the yachts that we have for rent are rented only with a captain or crew. In addition, all the yachts are moored in a port on the island, so living on board is much more comfortable than with a sailboat or catamaran. Among the yachts that you can rent there are different types: fast yachts, classic yachts, flybridge yachts etc. Each of them has its own characteristics of space and comfort.

Some are better for day charter such as fast yachts since they have a more modern design, they are faster and have a smaller space, others better for families such as flybridge yachts since they have more deck space and are much more comfortable and others indistinctly like the classic yachts that can be the same for day charters, families or to spend several days on board.

2. What is the best port to rent a yacht on the island of Ibiza?

It all depends on the navigation area that you like the most. If you want to go to Formentera and enjoy its beaches and its excellent restaurants, the best option is to rent a yacht in Ibiza town itself. You are just 30 minutes from Formentera and its white sand beaches, as well as being able to go to other locations such as the south of the island of Ibiza, also ideal to visit on a day charter. If what you are looking for are less traveled areas, then my recommendation is that you rent a yacht in the port of Santa Eulalia or in San Antonio. You can visit the north and northeast areas of the island, which are much quieter and with less maritime traffic. Away from the hustle and bustle and equally beautiful.

3. What equipment do yachts usually bring?

As I mentioned before, yachts are usually much more equipped than smaller boats. The yachts, especially the larger ones, usually have all the comforts for you to live on board: fully equipped kitchens, spacious cabins with en suite bathrooms, air conditioning throughout the ship, highly qualified crew. It should also be noted that yachts usually carry on board a wide range of nautical toys such as seabob, water ski, wakeboard, donut, and auxiliary dinghy or jet skis for the enjoyment of the guests.

4. What advantages does a yacht have over a motorboat?

The main advantage of course is its greater size and comfort. The yachts have equipment and comfort difficult to match. They are authentic houses on the sea and are the best option if you want to live an unbeatable experience on board. In addition, its crew is of maximum confidence and guarantees.

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